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Mushin Shotokan Karate Club is a small but friendly Karate club that is a member of the British Traditional Karate Association. Our style of Karate is Shotokan which is considered to be one of the strongest styles of Karate.

We believe that in order to get the most out of training it is important that it is enjoyable and varied. Karate can be a repetitive Martial Art, however by delivering a varied and enjoyable lesson, it is not considered to be repetitive. All Instructors and fully qualified and insured.


Some of the benefits of training in karate can be:

  • Improvement of core Strength
  • Improvement of personal confidence
  • Weight loss (in conjunction with diet)
  • Self discipline and control
  • Increased flexibility
  • Learn self-defense techniques
  • Improvement of mental attitude and goal setting and achievement
  • Coordination and balance

Latest News

Andover Karate Club Grading

The next karate grading for the club will take place at the progression fitness centre on Tuesday 24 May 2016.  There will be a hours lesson before the grading starts with the grading taking place at the end of the lesson.

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Congratulations to all those that passed their grading in October, We happy to say that we now have a new 3rd dan and 3 more 1st dans in the club.

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The next grading will take place on Saturday 3 October 2015.  This grading will be conducted by Sensei Chris Thompson.  We hopefully will have Karataka going for 3rd and 1st Dans.  More details will come out closer to time.

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A range of classes to suit everyone

Training takes place at the Progression Fitness Centre, 22 North Way, Andover, Hampshire SP10 5AZ,

Tuesdays from 1900-2030.

Thursdays from 1900-2030

 In addition to these classes regular courses are also conducted so that the students can continue on their learning journey.

Most classes consist of:

Like anything you do in life you only get out of it what you put in, so all that is asked is that when training you put 100% in and you will get the same out.


Dedicated to your development

The instructor is Lionel Zeffertt.

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